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Imagine to Create


Have you ever dreamed of changing your world?



Are you tired of jumping from one job to other?

Jobs that don´t excite you? 


This is a place where you can grow alone

with your rules


This is a community where everyone can develop his own project




In Imagine to Create we will help you to create your own project or to participate in one from other member of the community. 

We have developed a simply method to create, design and launch digital creative projects.

Are you an artist? designer? writer? Software developer?


Are you a dreamer?


This is your place.

What is Imagine to Create?

Imagine if every day would be friday





Close your eyes and think in what you would like to do every single day in your life.




What is your passion?




We go deep in this feelings.






This is a community created by engineers with experience in high-level industrial projects like product launches or software development.




We use our knowledge and experience to create real values and help others to work on their dreams.






Join our newsletter to be in the list of the people ready to change something.



Maybe their life, maybe the life of others, 

maybe the world


Our world


Your world


Do you have an idea?








Write us!





The Projects Chain

Imagine to Create is a chain of projects that connect with each other.

As a member of the community you will be able to invest or participate in any of them.


The blockchain and cryptocurrencies will be the bases of these processes.


The first phase of the project will happen integrally in Decentraland.

A virtual world based in blockchain where we will build all the structure of the community.

Who are the imaginers?

The characters of this journey.





Project Management





The imagine list 

Have you ever dreamed?

We are making a list of dreamers that will be the first generation of the community.

If you are on the list you will receive an email every Tuesday with ideas and resources.


Do you want to be in the list?

It is free


* indicates required

View previous campaigns.

Members of the list

Number of people that is becoming a newsletter every tuesday with information and opportunities.

Resources and ideas to grow.

The imagine cloud

The value of the offical Ethereum wallet of the project. Last update: 03/01/2021.


You can check it live in Etherscan.


Treasure: 2,5K $MANA






Projects in the chain

Number of projects created by Imagine to Create in Decentraland.


  • How can I be part of the community? Do I have to pay?

It is totally free. You just have to subscribe to the Imagine List. You will become a weekly newsletter about this project.

  • What can I find in Imagine to Create?

The Imagine Team is expert in project launches. If you subscribe to the Imagine List you will become useful information, resorces and ideas about productivity, technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, disruption and digital business. As part of the community you will have the possibility of investing in the projects of the chain or create own projects.

  • Do I need to have my own project?

No. You can take part in different ways. Creating content, working in projects other providing funds.

Decentraland is a virtual world owned by its users. Imagine to Create will develop its digital structure in this world based on blockchain.

Do you have any other questions? Write us!

We answer all the questions in 72 hours