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Decentraland Wellness Week

«Peak Performance Flow» by Kelios Coaching with Katka Salandova, sports psychologit and Ann Petersen, Tapping and Relationship coach. Powered by Imagine to Create.


The Story behind i2C Kelios Hub


In a groundbreaking move that is set to redefine the boundaries of personal development and digital innovation, Imagine to Create (i2C) and Kelios Coaching announce its latest venture, the «i2C Kelios Hub». This initiative, born from a strategic alliance marks a significant leap forward in the quest to foster transformative spaces within the metaverse. The collaboration between i2C and Kelios Coaching emerged from a connection between Karina, the visionary co-founder of i2C, and Katka Salandova, the founder of Kelios Coaching. United by a common ethos and a shared commitment to enhancing human potential, the two brands have embarked on this ambitious project to create a premier destination for personal growth and self-discovery. The «i2C Kelios Hub» is more than just a virtual space for meditation and self development; it’s a center for those looking for their own evolution and emerge with heightened awareness and improved well-being. Leveraging the unique capabilities of the metaverse, the hub will offer an array of immersive experiences and resources, all designed to catalyze personal transformation. The ‘i2C Kelios Hub’ isn’t just a virtual space to chill and work on yourself. It’s way more. It’s where you go if you’re serious about changing your game, getting to know yourself better, and boosting how you feel day-to-day. Thanks to all the possibilities of the metaverse this hub is ready to kickstart your personal journey to a better you. Overcoming fears using metaverse can end up at the Olympics Kelios coaching has developed a revolutionary approach with the mission of achieving maximum performance with more efficiency, less stress, more satisfaction and health. Its effectiveness has been proven on world champions, Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs or at the management level on their way to the top. One of its most important topics is enhancing natural confidence in women. Metaverse has the unique power to absolutely catch our attention and let us forget about time and space. Taking us away from our rational mind, from what we think is possible – offering limitless realities. It is an easy entrance into a world full of dreams. A world where anything is possible. Exactly this mirrors one of the powerful techniques like guided visualization. Its hidden power lies in the fact that our brain doesnt recognize between reality and imagination. While dreaming/imagining/living in metaverse the same neural centres in our brain are activated as if we were experiencing them in reality. Further more metaverse is also a very useful tool for boosting the imagination ability – the better the more you can change. This way we access deeper levels of our mind and memory. Which gives us the possibility to directly change and update automatic programs our nervous systems runs on and steers our reactions. All this means, that you can change unwanted behaviours, release emotions, limitations, liberate yourself of fears, destress, boost your focus, high performing flow, memory or your confidence and much more with an unexpected ease.


Why are we different?


During Decentreland Wellness Week we will introduce a unique tool of its kind. An experience incorporating techniques as EFT tapping and EMDR with Visualization that directly control the visitors nervous system. Its results are to calm down and release mild fears. Come and experience the nature of metaverse potentiating the power of Kelios techniques that enable you to reach your goals and live in more freedom and satisfaction.


Our Vission


The i2C Kelios Hub, is conceived to enhance personal well-being through immersion in virtual worlds. This space serves as a tool for visualisation, bolstering the techniques of Kelios Coaching. The mission of Kelios-coaching is to change the paradigm of the journey towards one’s peak performance. With foundations in modern neuroscientific research, their expertise, and the success stories of clients, they advocate that the traditional mindset of «NO PAIN NO GAIN» is outdated. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or athlete, Kelios offers a unique approach suited on your necessities. Imagine to Create are experts in web3 and the metaverse serving as the perfect accelerator to realise the mission of Kelios Coaching. They introduce new markets and craft digital experiences within the i2C Kelios Hub, which amplify the effectiveness of Kelios techniques. This innovative approach integrates the immersive power of metaverse with the transformative coaching methods of Kelios, offering a comprehensive pathway to achieving one’s best self.

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